Mavis Bakery

When we first moved to Ghana in 2017, I was feeling very out of place in a strange and far away land, and I did not know how to feed my family, or shop at the market, or anything! I met Mavis at church, and she was the first person there to offer her hand in friendship, and to help me learn how to care for my family here in Ghana.

This sweet lady is a widow, having lost her husband 2 years ago, with 2 children to support and no real way to do it. She has been doing odd jobs around my home and helping me out with some of my chores for a small amount in order to have food in her house.

Now it is time for her to begin a business so that she can have more than just food (think electricity and water) and be able to pay her children’s school fees. She has done her homework and has put together a solid business plan to open a bakery/pastry business from a shop in her home, and we are ready to go! With a micro loan from FMF, she is making it happen.

Mavis is a very smart woman, and I doubt I know anyone more honest and good! She is also one of the hardest-working people I know as I have had the opportunity to witness her in action in my home.

Mavis and her daughter in front of her bakery

Delivering a new oven for Mavis’ bakery

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