Emmanuel & David Mensah

Here’s a true story of a single mother. Your husband died 5 years ago. Your 2 young adult children are desperate to go to Nursing college to help the family and also their future. There are no fast-food or other jobs available for them because everyone else is looking for a job. Student Loans from the government? HA!






As a family you save every penny you can. Your oldest helps you sell Milo (a cocoa drink) from store to store, the other one stays at home to help with the younger children. Over the course of a year you and the family have collectively saved $500, which is impressive considering the exchange rate, but nowhere near what is needed to pay the tuition for 1 year (out of 4 years) for your 2 sons.

Enter Families Mentoring Families and you!

The Mensah family has reached out asking for a Student Loan. They are going to Pay It Forward by working off the loan at the Family Literacy Center. Angel (mother), Emmanuel & David are ready to help their fellow citizens learn how to read, and gain financial literacy as they have been learning.

Deadline: Monday, March 25th, 2019
Remaining costs: $1,147.54 (this is tuition for the rest of the 2019)
How: with your donations, FMF will pay their tuition directly to Kaaf University College


Click here to donate to the Mensah brothers tution!


The $500 they already saved will go towards their books and materials. This family definitely has “skin in the game”.

If you have been blessed by a good education, consider helping Emmanuel and David get to college and earn their degree. You also are helping lift their community because they will be working off their loan at their local Family Literacy Center and helping their fellow man.

They started nursing school in February, and here they are:


Their mother, Angel, is teaching literacy at the Family Literacy Center in Buduburam 5 days a week, while the brothers come on the weekends and during holiday breaks.

Family Literacy Center in Buduburam at the Matthew Cares Foundation.


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