Helina Nimo – Seamstress

Helina is an incredible seamstress, a wife and mother of 3, and has magic fingers at the sewing machine. She runs a successful tailoring business; however, whenever she needs to surge something, which is often, she has to go all the way to Central Market and pay someone to do it for her. She would like to expand her business in phases, the first including adding an electric sewing machine (she currently uses a hand-operated machine), an overlock machine (surger), and, if possible a machine that stitches patterns/embroidery. She would also like to include notions that she can then supply to the other dressmakers around, helping them also save time by not having to travel so far to the market. With these extra machines, she would also be able to rent them out to other dress-makers, and they would then pay HER for the service she is currently paying someone else to do.

Long-term, Helena aspires to having her own sewing school where she can train others in this skill that she has developed. This would potentially bless many, many families, as she uses her gifts to benefit so many others.

With her new surger she is now able to fulfill an order to make 100 uniforms for a nearby school. With this many orders, she is going to have to hire an employee soon! The micro loan from July is already being a blessing to her, her family, and many others!

Carrying her new supplies back from Central Market

Picking out her sewing supplies from Central Market

Zippers are a treasure!

Her new surger!

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