Literacy Center – Kumasi (Daban neighborhood)

In Ghana (and most other African countries) there is a great need and desire for adult education. Even though Ghana’s official language is English, the illiteracy rate is well over 60%. The costs of education are often times prohibitive for parents to even send their children to school, let alone the parents themselves to attain a higher education. Additionally, most schools do not have a library for children to come, read, and discover. Having educational games is also not part of the traditional curriculum.

Tom & Becky Rogers (and 4 of their children) live in the Daban neighborhood of Kumasi, Ghana. They saw this need and decided to do something about it. From October-December 2018 a small shop was leased for a 4 year contract, and construction began on the first FMF Literacy Center. The major construction was done by local contractors, and then the painting was done by the Rogers family.

During construction there was great interest in the neighborhood of what was this store was going to become. When the residents were told it was going to be a Literacy Center for families, there were many wide-eyes of excitement.


By January it was finished!



This is a busy place after school.

It’s after school, and many children come!

Having a man read aloud is a fun thing for these children!









With doors open and books on the bookshelves, children coming home from school would peer into the center wondering. Some asked, “are these for sale?” We explained that they are not, but everyone was welcome to come and read as much as they wanted, as long as the books stayed there. There are many of the same kids that come day after day and bring a new friend. These are our future leaders.

Budding readers that love to read African specific stories.

Training these lovely women to be the managers of this Literacy Center.

A boy helping his mother learn how to write her name!

Now that the children have discovered this after-school program, it is time to introduce night-classes for their parents. Many work hard each day making a meager living, so the only time for learning will be during night classes.

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  • Collins

    pls I hv a sister who is 29 years old. she is not proficient in reading and writing.
    she wants to come and study at your center. she lives in Kumasi…
    is that possible???
    how can she reach you ??
    any help plssss??

    • dountoothers

      Yes, your sister is most welcome to come and study at our Literacy Center. It is open Monday-Friday 2pm-6pm (14:00-18:00). Here is a google map of the location. It is near Cindy’s Junction in Daban New Site.

  • Kwame Osei

    Great job.

    Do you have a place for a 18 year old girl whose education was terminated at the age of 10 when she lost both parents.

    She speaks fairly good English but cannot read or write. She is eager to learn but doesn’t know where to go for lessons.

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