Literacy Center – Buduburam (Matthew Cares Foundation)

Buduburam is where 20,000+ Liberian refugees have been living since their civil wars in the 1990’s. Due to financial hurdles and emotional trauma, the majority of Liberians have decided to stay in Ghana. However, because of this, they and their families experience prejudice amongst locals. Along with this prejudice comes job scarcity and the inability to pay for their children’s school fees, let alone for themselves. Matthew Davis, a Liberian living in Ghana with his people, has set up a charity (NGO) called Matthew Cares Foundation. He has a school that uses the empty auxiliary classrooms of a Baptist church during the weekdays. One room is specifically used as a library, thanks to an Eagle Project by a young man from the USA. 

Delivering the materials and training for how to run the Literacy Center

Filling the shelves with more teaching materials

Angel Mensah teaching a class of adults











FMF has teamed up with Matthew Cares Foundation to house the 2nd Literacy Center in Ghana. Adults of all ages are welcome to come and gain literacy, academic, family and vocational skills. As of March 1st, there are 26 active adults that come every day to learn and teach each other.


In 2 short months, 26 adults have begun their education with a voracious appetite to learn!

Each student that comes fills out a profile that gives details and specifics of their interests. If they cannot fill it out, then the manager fills it out. Here are 2 examples of what 2 adult student have written at this Literacy Center:


Vocational training at this Literacy Center already has 60 women interested in learning how to sew. Two local women have already agreed to be the volunteer teachers for this group of adult learners. A location close to the school has already been set aside to be the future sewing center. All we need now are donations to purchase sewing machines, materials and supplies. The rough cost estimate is $3000 to purchase 15 machines and supplies.

The people here are so excited to have this Literacy Center in their midst and it is already changing their lives. Will you donate so we can continue to grow the program? Families Mentoring Families is a registered 501(c)3 and 100% of your donations is tax deductible and goes towards these projects.

Thank you!

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