Literacy Center – Future locations

We have requests for new Literacy Centers with locations donated by their communities, so we know they have skin in the game!

  • Ghana (4)
  • Liberia (3)
  • Rwanda (1)
  • Kenya (2)

All we need are the funds to set those up! It costs us about $2000 to set up a Literacy Center once the location is acquired. Miracles are happening each and every day. Will you be part of the miracle to set up another Literacy Center? Click here to donate today!

Funds are used for renovations of building (new or existing), purchase bookshelves, books, electricity, WiFi, 1-2 laptops, 1-2 printers. We aim to have the Literacy Centers self-sustaining. With a laptop, printer and WiFi, each Literacy Center also becomes a business center where locals can come and use these services for a small fee. Also, having the students pay a very small fee (equivalent to $5-15) to attend a “semester” ensures that they are committed and will stick with their education. A local manager is vetted and trained to run the Literacy Center.

Liberia location #1: Smyth Road School System – An elementary school. 20 adults attended to hear more about Literacy Centers within 48 hours notice from literal word of mouth. No smartphones here.

Liberia location #2: Wood Camp community center is now an empty building ready to house a Literacy Center. Residents are asking, “how soon can we start?”

Liberia location #3: River of Life Church (Bob Taylor community) has offered their location to house a Literacy Center, with many people ready to start today!









Will you join us in bringing literacy to these adults that are hungry for knowledge?

In the words of Fredrick Douglass, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

Donate today! Thank you!

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