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FMF loosely began in 2014 as a few friends were crazy enough to go to Africa on a whim. With small, insignificant projects, we began making connections and assessing needs. We discovered many needs! Most of the situations we have seen and the suffering we have witnessed is due to the breaking apart of the family unit. From 40%-60% illiteracy rates to rampant physical and sexual abuse, from underemployment to physical suffering, we have seen firsthand the attack on the family that comes from and also perpetuates poverty.  Through all of this, you, the FMF support system, have made an impact, one family at a time, in helping, healing, and strengthening families throughout the world.

We are families who value connection with our brothers and sisters around the world to share ideas, learn from, and support each other in love and generosity, lifting together to provide more opportunities for our children and the coming generations.

Currently, Becky & Tom Rogers, President and Chief Operations Manager, and their 4 youngest children are the boots-on-the-ground in Ghana, assessing needs, coaching and mentoring, and facilitating projects while learning lessons in simplicity, how to trust, and experiencing new levels of love from our brothers and sisters in Ghana.

The Family Literacy Centers assist people in gaining self-reliance individually, as well as as a family. Our vision is to empower those that lack the resources (financial or social) to gain a footing and to overcome poverty. We are focused on lifting those that are ready to make changes for themselves and their families.

Through the Family Literacy Centers, 5 tracks of education are offered, each designed to move a learner to the next level of self-reliance. Through this program, people are encouraged to use what they have learned to lift others in their community. Everyone becomes a teacher! The 5 educational tracks are:

  • Family: Days for Girls, Standing with Boys, Marriage Enrichment, Creating a House of Learning, Parenting Skills, etc.
  • Literacy: Beginning to Advanced, Mom School, Academy for Fathers, Tutoring
  • Academic: Student Loans (repaid via volunteer hours at the FLC), Scholar Skills, Building Heroes Academy
  • Vocational: Small Business loans, Self-reliance, Entrepreneur Club, Vocational Training (Mechanics, Sewing, Computer Skills, etc.)
  • Leadership: Mindset Management, LIFEstory Transformation, Statesmanship Principles, Personal Development library, Mentoring, etc.

Our Mission


Strengthening the families of the world through service, collaboration, connection, and education to develop leadership and self-reliance!

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