Family Literacy Centers

Literacy is key to opening up a world of possibilities – the foundation of self-reliance! For many adults, education is interrupted due to lack of funds. The Family Literacy Center offers 5 tracks of continuing education:

  1. Family
  2. Literacy
  3. Academic
  4.  Vocational
  5. Leadership

Each track is designed to facilitate progress for the individual, as well as their family. Join our family of learners and mentors!

There are currently 4 family literacy centers in operation, with more requests coming each week from all over Africa. The more the FMF Board learns of certain areas, the more urgent the need becomes. Priority is given to communities willing to donate the space. We currently have our next 10 literacy center locations chosen and ready to build as soon as the funds are raised to move those forward.  It typically costs $2000 to set up a literacy center once the location has been acquired. Join us by donating time or money to bring literacy to those who are hungry for knowledge!

Give the Gift of Learning

Give the gift of literacy to a family, and support them as they build a strong foundation of self-reliance. Please DONATE today! We are a 501(c)3 and 100% of your donation is tax-deductible.

The above video is a 3 minute introduction. If you want to see the 30 minute presentation, click on this link here.

Literacy Center – Future locations

We have requests for new Literacy Centers with locations donated by their communities, so we know they have skin in the game! Ghana (4) Liberia (3) Rwanda (1) Kenya (2) All we need are the funds to set those up! It costs us about $2000 to set up a Literacy Center once the location is […]

Literacy Center – Buduburam (Matthew Cares Foundation)

Buduburam is where 20,000+ Liberian refugees have been living since their civil wars in the 1990’s. Due to financial hurdles and emotional trauma, the majority of Liberians have decided to stay in Ghana. However, because of this, they and their families experience prejudice amongst locals. Along with this prejudice comes job scarcity and the inability […]

Literacy Center – Kumasi (Daban neighborhood)

In Ghana (and most other African countries) there is a great need and desire for adult education. Even though Ghana’s official language is English, the illiteracy rate is well over 60%. The costs of education are often times prohibitive for parents to even send their children to school, let alone the parents themselves to attain […]

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