Family Rehabilitation Centers

In the past 4 years, we have learned so very much, have developed relationships, and have seen many fruits of our labors. Now, we feel it is time to up our game. God is depending on us to take the knowledge and experience He has given us, and expand our reach to lift more brothers and sisters. We feel this will best be done as families, even if that includes only you.  We are extending an invitation from our FMF family to yours.

We are thrilled to announce a new, more powerful project, one with the potential to bless more lives and strengthen more families. We are building a FAMILY RESTORATION CENTER designed as a place of safety where people can receive help and healing as they begin their journey to self-reliance. The 5 education tracks currently supported /administered through the Family Literacy Center will be implemented and magnified through on-site residential facilities for women and children healing from trauma, to assist them in furthering their education, including vocational training, and to assist them to regain self-respect, confidence, and healthy wholeness.

As we begin this exciting new vision of FMF, we have the opportunity to acquire a very special property that will allow us to launch these new programs in a matter of weeks! The current owner has given us an extremely fair offer and has even generously agreed to work with us to facilitate the acquisition of the property. He also sees how well the property aligns with our vision of the Family Restoration Center.

The new FRC opportunity requires that we raise money to be used as a down payment so that we can begin work immediately.  The property requires some renovation, some to be done by local professionals, assisting them with their own family economies, while the rest of the clean-up/restoration will be provided by our expedition teams coming over to help implement the programs.

What can you do to help?

First, please donate if you are able. With the necessary funds in place, these programs will come together right away. We even have our first families in mind and waiting in the wings, and we have been working on relationships with other organizations that rescue women from trauma who are looking to place some of them with FMF. This is an unprecedented project for FMF, and we are committed to its success! However, we are unable to do it alone. This is an opportunity to contribute your time, talents, and resources to bless other members of God’s family.

Second, please help us spread the word about expeditions or, better yet, come on one by yourself or with your family. We want to invite you to see for yourself the impact you are having. Seeing it with your own eyes will be a life-changing event you can’t really imagine until you see for yourself.

Your donation will begin the healing

Your donation will help us purchasing the property, begin renovations, and bring in volunteer and specialists to help the mothers, fathers, and children start the healing process.

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