Recipients of Micro Loans undergo a process to determine if they are qualified. Most banks determine if the borrower has physical or monetary assets in order to approve a loan.

Our qualifications for a micro loan are human capital assets:

  1. basic literacy
  2. past business experience
  3. proposed business plan
  4. financial management skills
  5. trustworthiness

We want to ensure their success! We help people gain these skills prior to approving and disbursing a micro loan.

Isaac – shop keeper

Isaac and his wife Gladys have owned a store for 12 years. With a $430 micro loan from FMF, they are now able to expand their business which would more than double their income. They have fulfilled the necessary requirements and completed their application. We are looking forward to seeing them gain more success in […]

Helina Nimo – Seamstress

Helina is an incredible seamstress, a wife and mother of 3, and has magic fingers at the sewing machine. She runs a successful tailoring business; however, whenever she needs to surge something, which is often, she has to go all the way to Central Market and pay someone to do it for her. She would […]

Mavis Bakery

When we first moved to Ghana in 2017, I was feeling very out of place in a strange and far away land, and I did not know how to feed my family, or shop at the market, or anything! I met Mavis at church, and she was the first person there to offer her hand […]

Georgina’s shop

Meet Georgina. With a micro loan from FMF she has expanded her business that she has successfully been running for 17 years will help her and her husband. By increasing their income and saving, they are planning to build a better house and put a decent roof over their heads – one that won’t blow […]

Application for a Micro Loan

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