In Africa, just as the United States, the education system has 2 types of schools: government (free school), and private (paid school). However, in Africa, parents try very hard to send their children to a private school because of the higher quality of education, teachers and their training. Since private schools have more freedom in a variety of areas, these are the schools we serve.

We work with schools that are needing to expand their classrooms, and other building issues.

We also offer class on feminine hygiene and Standing with Boys (goal-setting/respect) to schools requesting these programs to be taught.

Also, visiting the students and doing a cultural exchange is a highlight of every visit. Join us on an expedition to interact with these classes and schools!

Matthew Cares Foundation

Buduburam (outside of Accra) is a Liberian refugee settlement where the poverty cycle is difficult to break. Local Ghanaians view the Liberians as illegal immigrants and there is much prejudice. As such, it is difficult for parents to find work, earn a living, and pay for school fees for their children. Many children in Buduburam are unable to go to school. A Liberian man, Matthew Davis, founded a charity school called Matthew Cares Foundation International with shoe-string resources and a determination to help break the cycle of poverty among his people.

Kwamo School

Kwamo is a suburb of the city of Kumasi. Their school enrollment is growing, and are in need of more classrooms. FMF has been working with them to expand their classrooms.

The pile of sand is used to make bricks on site. Members of FMF and local tradesmen work together to get the foundation and walls started. We will be finishing the project with the team coming in May 2019.

Kwamo faculty
kwamo_principalKwamo – Becky and principalMitch Rogers

Kwamo faculty

Faculty at Kwamo School
Kwamo construction

Kwamo construction

Construction at Kwamo School
Kwamo Kids

Kwamo Kids

Students of Kwamo School

School Project Application

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