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Matthew Davis is a Liberian living in Ghana. While living in the Liberian settlement next to Accra with the after-effects of the Liberian Civil Wars, he saw hundreds of children roaming the streets during the day time. Parents unable to pay for their children to attend school, he determined to do something about it.


Pastor James M.N. Kplor

He noticed that the classrooms in the compound of a Baptist church were not being used during the weekdays. He asked the Pastor of the church if a school could be started and put that space to use. It would be a school for the parents that could not afford school fees for their children. The Pastor agreed, and became the headmaster.


Tower on the right is the internet source.

Matthew began an internet cafe that would be used to generate an income to pay school expenses. However, as word spread that a school was available for those unable to pay, his expenses quickly outgrew his income at the internet cafe. A vetting process is used to ensure that those attending truly are unable to pay for school fees at other schools. This helps to keep the class sizes manageable. Student teacher ratio is about 10:1, a dream ratio for any teacher. For the 2019-2020 school year there are 105 students enrolled. Parents help “pay” for their children by taking turns doing deep cleaning once a week.

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Early grades of Matthew Cares Foundation International in Buduburam


Matthew Cares Foundation International

By donating to Families Mentoring Families, your donation is 100% tax-deductible and goes toward:

  1. Lunch program ($380/month)  click for PDF
  2. Teacher salaries ($740/month)  click for PDF
  3. School/office supplies ($230/month)  click for PDF
  4. Utilities ($100/month)
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