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Higher education is the key to success. In developing nations, even a student that is top-of-the-class is often unable to continue their education, because there is no such thing as scholarships or even  a government-backed student loan.

We provide student loans (really a scholarship) to those in the developing nations that qualify through their previous test scores, admittance letter from college, written their LifeStory, and commit to repaying the loan through volunteer hours at their local FMF Family Literacy Center. They pay-it-forward to their fellow community members, lifting themselves and community through service.

Bless a student

and watch how it will be paid forward for many years

Have you been blessed with a great education? Would you pay it forward to another student that would have no other way for it to happen?

Emmanuel & David Mensah

Here’s a true story of a single mother. Your husband died 5 years ago. Your 2 young adult children are desperate to go to Nursing college to help the family and also their future. There are no fast-food or other jobs available for them because everyone else is looking for a job. Student Loans from […]

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