Lily HerrmannTreasurer
    Lily Sunshine Herrmann was raised in Texas and grew up as the oldest in a large family. She is a lively extrovert with lots of energy and LOVES meeting new people!  As her husband always says, “Strangers are just friends that Lily has not made yet!”
    She and her husband Aaron (originally from upstate New York) met in Utah and have been married for 25 years.  They have experienced the joy of living in Texas, Northern California, and the most recent 14 years in Utah.    Her adorable children are Adam, who is almost 18 and graduating from high school, and Genevieve, who is almost 16 years old and currently in 10th grade.  When they are not enjoying their ever-exciting home life together, they like running around with their 2 darling dogs (Dusty & Edgar), going camping, riding ATVs, kayaking, planting a garden, playing board games, and making friends.
    She had the pleasure of receiving an Associate’s Degree from Ricks College (now BYU-Idaho) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from The University of Texas at Arlington.  She has been managing the family’s real estate portfolio for the past 12 years along while providing pro bono financial consulting to various charities and individuals. In the past several years, she has thoroughly enjoyed working with FMF and is excited to see the organization grow and increase.  Moving to Ghana in the near future to help further the further work of FMF is next on her list!

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