• This loan has been able to help me fill in, blah, more of this and that, I can't say enough about this. Teaching others, hoping to set up a sewing school, and this helps me to be able to pay for my children's school fees.

    Helina Nimo
    Helina Nimo Seamstress in Daban, Ghana
  • Mavis loan, this is just totally awesome. But this isn't my words yet because her real words need to be recorded and put into this spot. My children attending school because now I have business and can afford school fees.

    Mavis Baker in Daban, Ghana
  • Georgina's testimonial. Put info here. Need more input. What are her words? This is fantastic.

    Georgina Storekeeper in Daban, Ghana
  • Isaac and his wife have this to say about a microloan from FMF: wow, so amazed. This is going to help so much with ____

    Isaac Storekeeper in ____, Ghana


  • Such an amazing experience. It was the greatest two weeks of my life! I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel with Families Mentoring Families. The people both in the group and in Ghana are phenomenal and the experience was beyond anything I could have ever expected!    

    Auria S.
    Auria S. College Student, 18
  • It was cool being treated as an adult because I was so tall and unique in my strength. Loved doing the projects and visiting the schools.  The kids thought I was a rock star. Ghana has really good mangos and FanIce (ice cream). I especially loved the ball floats (donuts)! I would love to come back again and experience it when I am older.

    Anthony B.
    Anthony B. Student, 14
  • My experience in Ghana was life-changing. I learned much about the stark differences of life in a third-world country & the struggles of a beautiful, loving people to merely survive. Even more valuable, I learned the value of humility & gratitude. From the first moment of my decision to go I was immersed in a Guided Journey. I learned more about myself, by far, than I did about Ghana & Ghanains. Go. Just go.

    Susan T.
    Susan T. Retired
  • This was my 2nd time in Ghana. Going there to serve the kids by helping to build a library and paint their school with them was a memorable experience. I'm so glad that I was able to help them, and they taught me a lot about loving life. Oh, and going to the ocean and the monkey village were pretty fun too!

    Ben B.
    Ben B. Eagle Scout, 14
  • I have been to Ghana twice with FMF. Originally I wanted to go because I love to travel, and I wanted to help the people. What you quickly learn is that the experience becomes something so much bigger than you ever thought possible. I visited a few schools each time, and you are quickly surrounded by love, joy, and pure happiness as the children surround you, want to be close to you, and so grateful for you being there. The journey of each trip became a learning experience for me. I went as one person and I came back someone completely different in so many wonderful and amazing ways. Go to Ghana.

    Cameo B.
    Cameo B. World Traveler, 30-something
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