Who We Serve

Family Literacy Centers

Literacy is key to opening up a world of possibilities! Most adults stopped their education because of lack of funds. We offer a 5 track course:

  1. literacy
  2. family
  3. vocational
  4. academics
  5. leadership

Within each track are different modules for men, women and children. Join our family of learners and mentors!

A FLC has books, a couple computers, printer, WiFi, and a manager. More requests come each week to start a Family Literacy Center. Join us by donating time or money to bring literacy to those that are hungry for knowledge!

Family Restoration Centers

Women leaving an abusive relationship need a safe and healing place. In Ghana, Africa, there is no such thing. Until now! Within a Family Restoration Center will be a Family Literacy Center for the mom and children to be able to gain literacy, family skills, vocational training, academics, and gain leadership skills.

What about the husband and fathers? We seek to work with the men in their homes using the Standing With Boys program.

We are seeking donors to help us build 3 Family Restoration Centers in 3 towns. Will you help us heal the hearts of men, women, children and bring families back together?

Micro Loans

We lend to qualified individuals at a 6% interest rate with a 2-3 year contract.  These loans transform an individual, their family and their community. Micro loans ranges are $100-$600. Join our family of entrepreneurs!

Student Loans

Higher education is the key to success. In developing nations, even a student that is top-of-the-class is unable to continue their education, because there is no such thing as scholarships or even  a government-backed student loan.

We provide student loans (really a scholarship) to those in the developing nations that qualify through their previous test scores, admittance letter from college, written their LifeStory, and commit to repaying the loan through volunteer hours at their local FMF Family Literacy Center. The student loan recipient pays-it-forward to their fellow community members, lifting themselves and community through service.


We work with schools that are needing to expand their classrooms, and other building issues. We bring Days for Girls (feminine hygiene) and Standing with Boys (goal-setting/respect) to schools requesting these programs to be taught. Also, visiting the students and doing a cultural exchange is a highlight of every visit. Join us on an expedition to interact with these classes and schools!

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