Our History - About Us

Building strong family foundations through mentoring the six branches of education: Family Skills, Literacy, Academics, Vocation, Agriculture, and Leadership.

FMF began in 2014 as the seed of a desire to help strengthen families in places where opportunities for success are scarce and lack of education is the struggle.  With small, insignificant projects, we began making connections and assessing needs.  What we discovered were heart-breaking situations, vicious cycles of poverty breaking apart families, in turn leading to deeper poverty.

From 40%-60% illiteracy rates to rampant physical and sexual abuse, from underemployment to physical suffering, we have seen firsthand the attack on the family that comes from and also perpetuates poverty.  Through all of this, you, the FMF support system, have made an impact, one family at a time, in helping, healing, and strengthening families throughout the world.

The FMF team values connection with our brothers and sisters around the world to share ideas, learn from, and support each other in love and generosity, lifting together to provide more opportunities for our children and the coming generations.  We are focused on and committed to lifting those that are ready to make changes for themselves and their families.

What we're missing...   is YOU!

Even small donations can go a long way.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.