Leadership Education

What is your purpose? Why did God put you here? Who is your life meant to bless? 

These are all questions we will be diving into as we study the classics with mentors who have the experience and knowledge to help us reach our goals. Leadership education instills the skills necessary to be free as you explore how to think for yourself and push the limits of personal development. From learning how to read a book and lead a discussion to advanced entrepreneurship, LE will create and define your vision, then show you how to implement the tools of its physical formation. Ultimate self-reliance is the goal, and leadership education is the vehicle to get you there. 

Weekly Book Study Group

Leaders are Readers! FMF's focus is on education, and that begins with literacy. The next step in Leadership is to join our book group that meets weekly via zoom. Together, we study the classics of mental mastery to learn how to craft our impact! This is key to self-reliance, as we take responsibility for our own future! 

LIFEstory Africa

Put yourself back in the driver's seat as we learn how to re-write old stories to produce new results! This course will shift the direction of your life as long as you continue to use it. This 8-week intensive training will give you the inside track on improving health, relationships, finances, and MORE!


Intro to Leadership Education 



Leadership Education Testimonials


FMF is pleased to collaborate with Uwepo, Uganda, to provide intense agri- and permaculture training. Students attend the 5-month program on FMF scholarship and then give back to their community on completion by building FMF farms and mentoring neighbors in what they have learned.


Students participate in Joette Calabrese's Intro to Homeopathy course as they move toward self-reliance in the medical care of their family.

What we're missing...   is YOU!

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