Family Literacy Centers

“Stand up! We are the champions! We are the students of FMF, we are the champions, so we stand up!”

FMF students of mom school celebrate their accomplishments of learning to read in only a few months.  They are very proud of themselves, and they should be! They are AMAZING!

These students of FMF Lifeguard Kenya family literacy center close each of their classes with praise and prayers of thanksgiving for the opportunities they receive to pursue their education and improve their lives each day. Just another reason “Mom School” rocks, thanks to generous donors like YOU!

Celebrating their new opportunity to learn to read, these ladies express appreciation to FamiliesMentoringFamilies.org. January 2020.

The first FMF Mom School graduation, celebrating our first class of 45 students who are now READING!!!! For the first time!

This “Mom School” graduate is demonstrating her new literacy skills by reading out loud! We are so proud of all these students and the time they have invested in their futures! We also appreciate their teachers so very much!

June 21, 2019 - interview with FMF Literacy Center volunteer at Matthew Cares Foundation International - a partner of Families Mentoring Families.

Meet Angel! She is an Angel. Her two sons are recipients of FMF school loans that allow them to attend nursing school. As per the program, the loans are to be repaid to FMF with volunteer hours to the family literacy center. Because their loans are substantial and the boys are extra busy with their studies, their mother, Angel, volunteers every day from 9-6 at the literacy center. She is AMAZING! She is a fabulous teacher, and she is full of fantastic ideas that are growing the literacy center nearly faster than we can keep up! We are so, so grateful for her!

This learner from FMF “Mom School” who couldn’t read or write only a few months ago can now teach her own 6-year-old! Listen to her talk about how proud she feels to be educated.

Rebecca from “Mom School” in the FMF literacy center (Liberian refugee camp) talks about how she could not say her alphabet only a few months ago but now she can read and write! She can read messages and letters for herself. She loves learning with a passion, and she has become a dedicated student.

Ruth from “Mom School” talks about how Angel, her teacher in Foundations Class has helped her gain confidence and belief in herself.

George from the FMF Family Literacy program talks about how much it means to him to be able to go back to school and continue his education.

“Mom School” learner talks about being able to go to school, learning to write, and helping her grandchild with her homework.

A member of “Foundations Class” talks about his gratitude for FMF programs that will allow him to share what he has learned with his fellow “brothers and sisters” when he goes back home.

Angela from Buduburam (Liberian refugee camp) talks about how she feels about being able to write her name.

Business Loan Recipients

Helina Appiah is the first recipient of a FMF small business loan. As a result, she has accomplished so much in just a few short months. More important, however, is her vision for her future and her ability to create that in her life for herself and her family. She is a shining example to all FMF participants of what is possible when we help and lift each other. (She is also one of the most giving people you will ever meet and is the definition of "ministering" personified.)

Georgina is a FMF small business loan recipient and literacy learner. See what she has done with a little bit of opportunity to provide for herself and her family. Listen to what she has to say about what literacy means to her.

Meet Rebecca! She is one of the FMF "Mom School" learners in Kenya. She is a laundress who supports her family as best she can on about $1 a day. She comes to the Family Literacy Center regularly and is making great progress. Thanks to Paul Kyemba and Eunice Ogolla for being the life blood of their literacy center. They are doing a fantastic job!

Other Testimonial Videos

We began the FRC renovation today! Wahoo!

Debra Bonner shares what she thinks about the family restoration center and how it feels to be at this remarkable place!

We are so excited to work with her and the Debra Bonner Unity Gospel Choir to facilitate healing through music of the heart and soul!

Ruth is AMAZING! She is our social worker that helps us keep all our i’s dotted and t’s crossed. She’s also an incredible...social worker and always has the best interest of women, children, and victims at the forefront.

She also works for Operation Underground Railroad and Abuse Relief Corp, which is an organization that brings perpetrators to justice who would ordinarily walk away with no consequences of their actions.

Listen to what she says as she visits the property in the process of transformation to the Family Restoration Center.

Henrietta started from day 1 with the Liberian refugee camp "Mom School", developing her own literacy level and mentoring women following in her footsteps. When she graduated the first level of literacy, she went right back to "Foundations Class" to start a new group of women and teach them what she had learned. Now, she has finished her first level of sewing school and has moved back to Liberia. Though we will miss her in Ghana, she will be a powerful tool on the ground to help grow FMF programs in Liberia. Henrietta, we are so proud of your diligence, your service, and your generosity with your time in behalf of your fellow Liberians. We are inspired by YOU!

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