Give a gift that shows how much you really care - your TIME.

There are so many ways to help both in the USA and on-site in Africa.  Please Contact Us to find out how you can apply your talents and gifts to help your brothers and sisters in Africa.

Ways You Can Help in Africa

Ways You Can Help Outside of Africa

  • Apply to be on one of our boards or advisory committees
  • Donate items - Contact Us about donations

    Particularly needed are Africa-appropriate books and any medical supplies.  We try to use donated funds to buy locally available items whenever possible in order to infuse money into local economies.  We'd rather apply donated funds to direct purchases vs. paying shipping costs.

  • Donate your time - Contact Us about volunteering

    We have many projects and needs that can be performed in the USA or in your home.  Marketing, content creation, accounting and other projects are always in need of more people with gifts and skills - or just a willingness to lend a hand.  Contact Us to find out how you can contribute.

  • Donate Today! - your donations go a long way in Africa

What we're missing...   is YOU!

Even small donations can go a long way.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.